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1915 Wounds of War,    Scholastic, 2015. (Children's- Young Adult Novel)

1915 Wounds of War is the second book in Scholastic's Kiwis at War series.

"As the hospital ship Maheno steamed towards Anzac Cove ...Mel could see two cruisers sitting off the beach, flashes of fire preceding the deep boom of their guns... The closer they moved to the cruisers, the louder the sound got, but now it was intermingled with the whistling of shot, and around them the sea exploded with white cascades. Then Maheno started to vibrate..."

Mel and her cousin Harriet couldn't bear the thought of brave Kiwi boys being cared for by some bumbling, poorly trained person while the Great War raged on, half a world away. When these nurses joined the NZ Army Nursing Service and boarded ships heading for Egypt, Anzac Cove and beyond, they had little idea of the horrors they would face, the wounds they would tend to and the hearts they would help heal.

"1915, of course, is synonymous with Gallipoli in the minds of every New Zealander, and that is why we are so grateful that Di has created for us a story not often told. Not a story about the soldiers fighting amongst the cliffs above the beach at Gallipoli (though we do meet many of those), but the remarkable story of the courageous Kiwi nurses working on the hospital ships and in field hospitals, who had the unenviable task of dealing with the casualties of a horrific war - those poor boys who had set off from NZ with dreams of a great overseas adventure, and who had no idea of the horrors that awaited them. The nurses job was as much about bringing comfort to those who would not survive, as it was to tend to the wounds of those who would. Congratulations, Di, on a well-researched, empathetic story that gives us all an insight into the lives of NZ's unsung nursing heroes." (Penny Scown, Scholastic, 2015)

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Kapia New Zealand Kauri Gum (2009)
This book takes the story of kauri gum from the tree to jewellery. It includes its early uses, by both Maori and Europeans, the dealers and industries, as well as different types and examples of natural and fake inclusions. It is a concise book ideal for the tourist market.

Pounamu: New Zealand Jade (1995) has been translated into Japanese and sales have reached over 10,000 copies. A reviewer describes it as "a concise and very readable book covering all aspects of New Zealand jade from the chemical composition of nephrite, Maori mythology and traditional designs, through to the intricacy of modern design and carving."
Christine Endean FGA, Jewellery Time. the beginning (1989) "encompasses the early history of Hukerenui, with a brief look at the adjacent settlements - Puhipuhi, Taheroa, Tapuhi and Whakapara. An absorbing story it covers the hardships of the early settlers, their determination to have their children educated and their slow but sure progress towards prosperity. The great stories about the early days included in the book will be a joy to descendents of the first settlers...but they will also be of interest to the general reader."
Thelma Hall, Northern Advocate.

Kamo: The Story of a Village (1995)
"Diana Menefy has researched the origins and background of Kamo thoroughly. She has been fortunate in having access to old records and family letters to an unusual degree... Kamo, from its earliest days up to about when the mine flooded for the last time, lives again, works and plays in her account. Kamo is a splendid edition to the growing documentation of Northland's history."
Ivo Davey, Northern Advocate.

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